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Wow, you messed up, now you have to hear about me. Yeah, well, some random things here if you want to know me better. Yeah, that's right, random facts you should never need to know unless you're trying to black-mail me or buy a gift or something. If you want a description of my life, click "biography." That should explain a lot of what I've gone through and all of the changes in my life.



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Random Info:
Best Offline Friend: Gloria
Best Online Friend: Pete (Steadyrock)
Birthdate: 7-15-1988
Current Struggle: Overcoming inferiority complex
Easiest Sin to Resist: Lust
Favorite Activity: Reading the Bible or talking to friends (Most guys are immature, so I prefer talking to girls).
Favorite Food: Pasta (No vegetables)
Favorite Song: Gone - Switchfoot (The message in it), Not What You see - Kutless (The music)
Favorite TV Show: Scare Tactics
Favorite Verses: 1 Corinthians 15:55, Proverbs 3:5, and Matthew 5:28.
Favorite TV Show: 5' 2" (Yeah, people ignore me, but that's their weakness, not mine)
Girlfriend: I've never known the love of a girl, but dating as a teen is foolish.
Hobbies: Studying the Bible, Poetry, Writing lectures, Advice, and Music.
Nickname: Chris (Or "Antari" if you prefer)
Rare Belief: That kissing and cuddling before marriage are sinful as well as fornication.
Real Name: Christopher
Strongest Belief: That no woman should be treated like a body, but a person, and that they should be respected.
Toughest Sin to Resist: Lies and deception
Weight: 125lbs