Life in the Lord: Analogies, Children of God
Children of God

As God has said, He has known us and met us long before we were born. So here is how you must see that God sees us. Imagine raising your little girl, she's innocent, so perfect, and not corrupted at all whatsoever. Now, after knowing her as that perfect little child for so long, you have had to let her go and off to college. The next time you see her, she has a kid, no husband, is into drugs, cusses all the time, and has tattoos all over. Your innocent little child has been corrupted and you are in tears. You try to help her, but she refuses you.

God knew us before sending us to this world, He knew us before we went off to college. He watches as His innocent children become corrupted by Satan, and it hurts Him so badly to see this. He tries to give us advice, but we, just like most children, don't listen to our Father. This is how God sees us, and why He is so desperate to help us, for we are his innocent little girls and boys, who have an evil person around us trying to pervert us constantly. Imagine how He feels when one of us gives in...